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Seventeen to sixteen--that would have been the final score if the Saints had managed to get that last few yards at the end of the fourth quarter. But the pass reception was broken up by Washington, and the game ended 16 - 10. But the Carolina Panthers lost today, and that secured the NFC South championship for the Saints. And a home playoff game, I think.

YD and husband went to this game. They left their daughter with her aunt and cousins. GS and his dad will be going to the last regular game on Dec. 31.

I watched the game at home from the couch. And I watched some of it from behind my eyelids. (Maybe if I hadn't dozed off they'd have won?)

Morning was grocery shopping and filling my gas tank. Gas was about 6 cents a gallon higher than last week.

Yesterday BadCat, aka Mighty Huntress, got herself another bit of prey. It won't be long before all the birds with stupid genes are gone. I did suggest to her (BadCat) that she focus on mice and other small rodents. She is so proud of herself when she does manage to catch something. She meows (with a full mouth) until I come to see what she's caught.

When I was at WalMart this morning I ran across an eraser that lights up when you use it. It's shaped like a flower and the center lights up with pressure. Bizarre. I bought one--it was $1 or less.

Maybe tomorrow I'll have something more to say for eighteen. I shall try to avoid the obvious, i.e. the age of majority thing. Or maybe not.

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