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18--the number halfway between 0 and 36. So what? Well, '36 is the year I arrived.

What else? Well, at one point there was a store that sold eggs not only by the dozen, but by the dozen and a half.

And there we are, back at the question of how come we think of some things in twelves, yet have a decimal numerical system.

Really foggy again this morning--so much so that the traffic across the old bridge was moving at the minimum posted speed of 45, instead of the more normal--albeit "illegal"--speed of about 60. Even the interstate was moving more slowly. However, by the time I was all the way into New Orleans the fog was pretty much gone. And it hadn't begun to return when I came home.

Speaking of traffic, how about eighteen-wheelers?

And, according to the dictionary, eighteenmo "is the page size of a book made up of printer's sheets folded into eighteen leaves, each leaf being approximately 4" by 6 1/2"." (The adjective form of this is octodecimo.)

My mailbox was really stuffed this afternoon. There were three books I'd ordered, plus an Analog, a bunch of Christmas cards (all but one had notes!) and a plain yellowish brown 8x10 mailing envelope. I wondered what the advertising was, then did a double-take at the $.63 postage.

It had several pieces of brightly printed cardboard in it. It was the playoff tickets. We know we'll be using the first set. Let's hope we also use the second set.

This something to definitely look forward to!!

I finally got someone to tell me the schedule for the office to be open between semesters. This Thursday is a short day--closes at 2 PM, and then it stays closed until January 2.

Meanwhile, I continued sorting out Mona's stuff. One of the albums I did last week may be in an exhibit on wedding albums. It wasn't her wedding, but she was a bridesmaid. The last picture in the album is an adorable baby.

I went to the computer to type up the inventory, and my file had disappeared. Turns out it hadn't disappeared--they'd switched the CPU with the one at the checkout desk. That one still had my folder filled with inventories.

I stopped at Popeye's on the way home and one of the kids working there came over to the window with the "do you remember me?" look. Fortunately I did. (I'd run into his older brother last week.) He brought me up to date on his life and plans. His family is moving to Texas (they got really badly flooded) and he's going to finish his senior year there. Goal: Texas A&M. (No, I don't know what he wants to major in--I WAS in a line waiting for food.)

And I already know what I'm going to talk about for 19.

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