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Nineteen is a prime number, and about the only thing that "goes" with it is "hole." As in nineteenth hole, which probably everybody knows about.

This morning I actually looked at the prompt and then went digging for my first journal entry. (It's in reverse order, so go to the bottom of the page for that first entry.) It was almost six years ago that I started. I left AOL after a a couple of years because they went through spells where I could NOT upload it.

I got a free journal when I bought my domain from yahoo, and that was a lot easier to work with. I'd probably still be there if I hadn't broken my hip last year. I expected to be back from Kenya by day 3 of Holidailies so I left two entries all prepared for YD to post. But I was in the hospital here in the US for almost two weeks, and she--who had taught me html--decided that was too much work and set me up on Journalscape. (I'd been in the hospital in Mombasa eight days before they got the return flight set up. I was "in transit" for more than 40 hours, what with plane changes etc. It's about 10,000 miles and nine time zones.)

Mailwise, today was great. I got two books I'd ordered recently and a solstice present from a very good friend in NY. And several cards, one of which made me grit my teeth. Even though my address labels say Ms. Sue Rowland, the person addresses it to a widow without her own persona--Mrs. Walter Rowland. (And he was NEVER called Walter.)

I should tell myself it's the thought that counts.

I guess this evening I'll send out some cards to those who sent them to me.

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