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Noon Weather Update
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Just a comment--it's raining. It's been raining since early this morning. Actually, since last night when we had the power outage. And it's going to keep on raining.

I called in to work to say I wouldn't be there--I had a bit of the collywobbles.

An hour or so later the archivist called to tell me not to come in--she couldn't make it, nor could the director. And they live very near the university, but of course the roads there have always flooded.

And since then the weather has gone downhill. Every half hour or less there's a special TV bulletin telling which roads have become flooded. It's one of those situations where the storm cells keep developing over the water and then move northwest--over the city and across St. Tammany parish. I guess it was 1995 when we had another one like this is starting out to be. Slidell had 25" of rain in less than 24 hours.

My big yellow cat doesn't like bad weather. He's either on my lap or right next to me. At the moment he's on top of the CPU with one paw wrapped around my leg.

My little huntress thought she wanted to be outside, but changed her mind. The wind is blowing rain under the patio cover, and the yard itself is overflowing onto the patio.

At least it's not freezing, like poor Denver with all the snow.

But the weather is definitely very nasty.

Just in case you're interested.

(Let's hope today's "21" isn't the rainfall.)

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