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21. (Writing it in words takes too much space and too many keystrokes. And for some reason I'm tired today.)

AKA blackjack. That was one of the games YD dealt during her casino days. And that may have been what she was doing when she was filmed for a Master P movie. That was also a while ago. It was a forgettable movie.

This morning's rain finally let up some. I haven't checked to see if the water is gone from the road, but it probably is. I'm sure glad they got a large proportion of the junk (from taking down the dead tree) out of the ditch. Of course, the telephone and old electric cables are still there . . . Eventually it will get picked up. Getting the dead trees down has a higher priority.

Some parts of the city had almost 8 inches of rain. Can you say "flooded streets?" Luckily, the pumps all worked well. The biggest problem was with the storm drains, which clog so easily with leaves and stuff.

The bad news is that more rain is expected.

We're substantially better off than Denver, at the moment.

I'm currently feeling tired and crabby--cabin fever, I guess. Almost two weeks until I go back to work. In theory, I should get a lot done around the house.

(And that was 21 complete sentences.)

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