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Double 13
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If thirteen is unlucky, is twenty-six doubly unlucky?

Enough of that. Today was Christmas, part II. OD had a wing-ding at her house for Boxing Day. There was a yummy buffet and jazz music. Her husband is a clarinetist and has a small jazz band. (He does medicine on the side.)They play the old-fashioned kind, and today they led off with "Do You Know What it Means?" Needless to say, you hear that a lot around here.

I got there just about the time that YDH got there. YD was taking OD (and her) maid back home. I was sort of wondering where Anna was, and she was asleep in one of the bedrooms.

It was a very pleasant afternoon. After some phone consultation, my personal shopper had bought and wrapped gifts for the grands, and the grands were quite pleased with them. At the last minute (as in I was laundering it this morning) I wrapped up a crocheted shawl I'd made for her mother probably 30 years ago. It had OD's name tag in it. She had never taken it with her as she gradually moved out of the house (they were no longer "in" by then) and I had been using it in my office room to just toss over my shoulders.

Well, OGD seemed really pleased--she wrapped it around her hips. I should really pay more attention to what the college kids are wearing.

(BTW--I have another one I made for myself--guess I'd better get it out of hiding.)

Do I need to comment on the gift of tickets for next week's Saints game?

So, all in all, it was a very pleasant day. I guess tomorrow it will start feeling like time to begin the transition back to the "regular" world.

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