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Clean Conscience
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Clean conscience--I must had had it last night, because once I finally got to sleep I didn't wake up till mid-morning.

(I also had two cats on top of me, and we all know that their sleep waves reinforce those of the human under them.)

My day was spent just sort of puttering around. The other day I bought a pair of crutch tips, and they are a perfect fit on my lawn chair. Tomorrow should be a good day for yard work.

This evening I treated myself to an Arby's sandwich AND their chocolate/mint shake. Oh that is SO delicious! I still have about half of it left--it's also thick and needed time to melt a bit.

The pop/bang of fireworks has already started around me. My neighbor called to chat a bit and told me they'd just spent an obscene amount on fireworks.

And 2008 will be a second longer than the usual year. That "leap second" will be added at the very end of the year. And I'm sure all our nice electronic timekeepers (like cell phones and computers) will add that in to their time reports.

Maybe tomorrow I'll post my "traditional" keep-on-posting reminder.

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