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Getting Back to "Normal"
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Technically, the holidays are over. But I doubt if it will feel that way till Monday, when "normal" work routines resume. And for those with kids--school resumes.

I plan to go in on Monday and finish up the Alumnae Office collection and start on another box from Mona. I'm sure my body will resent the alarm clock.

The pop of firecrackers continued yesterday, but at about the rate of before New Year's Eve.

Today I MUST get at the yard work (again.) Yesterday I discovered that the newest of my lawn chairs does not have the webbed screwed on. So much for replacing the strip that is splitting. Instead I went to old reliable duct tape. I'll put a thin cushion on top so I won't end up "rolling" the edges and taping my leg to the chair.

I will be very glad when lawn chairs reappear in the stores.

I think birds are using the nest right outside the window that holds the AC. A lot of chirping, and CC is VERY interested. I'll check from outside today (if I remember.)

I expect that today will--as usual--hold little of remarkability.

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