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My Shoes Fell Apart
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It was back to work today.

The 0630 weather radar looked clear, so I figured I'd be in New Orleans before any of the "scattered showers" scattered on me.

WRONG!! I was prepared for the light fog, but as I was heading out of the swampy area the skies let loose. It was raining the rest of the way in, and for about half of that it was RAINING. It was still raining when I got to Tulane. I parked in one of the higher parking spots, did the scratching off on my parking pass, then gathered myself together, put the keys to the building into my pants pocket, and sloshed across the street. And then couldn't find my keys. So I hung my lunch bag and book bag over the door handle and sloshed back to the car. I Could Not Find the keys.

I retraced my path across the street to the door, didn't see the keys anywhere, then grabbed the bags and went back to the car for another look.

Luckily, the rain had about let up so I was able to look through everything AGAIN. This time I spotted the keys under the driver's seat. AHA. I got myself pulled together again and started across the street again. And the bottom of my right shoe fell off. That was a definite oh s***, but I hobbled on to the building and thence inside.

At that point I had about one practical choice and I made it. Off came the soggy socks and the shoes. I looked for some good stong tape, like strapping tape, but found nothing. I looked in my desk and bag for gum (that works to keep shoes together) but there was none.

I stuffed the socks with paper towels and set them on the rail by the window. And padded around shoeless the entire day. (Except for lunch, when I eat in the lobby. For that I fashioned "strings" from twisted newspaper bags to keep the sole attached to the rest of the shoe.)

It wasn't too much later that the second shoe decided to part company with the sole. The librarian had offered me the big wide tape for packages and I doubled that sticky side out and put it between the upper and the sole. I did some more peering around and found a bunch of rubber bands. They were the final addition and when I left to go home, the soles stayed reaasonably close to the uppers, thanks to the rubber bands.

Tomorrow I shall look for some kind of superglue or its kin.

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