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Once Again, Not Much
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A busy and productive day at work. I finished another carton, except for the inventory (which I can type at home) and an acid-free lid for the carton, which is not my problem but Susan's.

It was lovely and clear when I drove in this morning--I could see all the New Orleans and Jefferson Parish highway lights before I was even halfway across Lake Pontchartrain.

The word "rain" was not in the meteorological vocabulary today.

I don't know about tomorrow.

And---some news from my financial manager. The Feds are letting us old (over 70.5) folks out of forced distributions this year. Once a person reaches 70 1/2 that person must begin to take annual distributions from IRAs. IRAs sit there and earn money tax-free--until you hit 70 1/2. Then you take a set percentage out of the tax-sheltered fund, pay tax on it, then put it in a regular fund whose earnings are not tax-deferred.

I'll give her a call tomorrow.

I am sure glad we found her--I'd be spending all my time trying to figure out what to do in this current financial uncertainty. This is her business and she is very very good at it.

One of Pete's (late husband) co-workers who retired at about the same time decided he didn't need a professional--he could do it himself. I wonder how well he is doing.

Today was a nice day weather-wise, but I'm not sure about tomorrow. Well, there are plenty of chores waiting for me both inside and outside, so it doesn't really matter.

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