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I need to keep it brief--My right arm snd shoulder are acting like they might have mouseitis. And my left hand is rather awkward at mousing.

It's been a rather dull day, as usual. I did Stuff around the house in the morning and early afternoon, then headed to Arby's for lunner. I started a really good book while there--at the moment all I can remember about the title is that is has Mangos in it. It was recommended by my former-Calif lawyer friend.

The visiting tigerish tom appears to have cloned himself. This afternoon there were two of them just outside the front porch, having a mild "discussion." They'll die of old age before my girls come in heat. Neither belongs to my neighbor, as I thought might be the case at one point.

And now it is time to slather some Soothnaol on the shoulder and wrist and take something for the discomfort.

And go back to reading about mangoes.

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