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Another IUD.

I managed to get to church again this morning. I really like the people there--but most of all the open attitudes and general concern for the rest of the world.

Filled up my gas tank and got a Wendy's salad on the way home.

(Do you see why I may call it another IUD?)

I watched some of the playoff games in between resting the eyelids.

As far as I can tell, the cats were not successful hunters today. There were no trophies brought inside so that they could be praised.

Come to think of it, they didn't spend much time outside today--every time I turned around I spotted a sleeping cat.

CC especially likes a couch-like thing I got for the cats one year. It serves nicely as a bed, as well as a scratching place. And the organic catnip that I sprinkle there every once in a while is also an attractant.

At the moment, Lady is curled up on the crocheted stole on top of the tray table on my left, while CC is (reluctantly) curled up on the double papasan to my right. She's a bit miffed because Lady took "her" place and the papsan is not in easy scritching reach.

I printed out the Carrie Vaughn pieces referenced by YD (aka Diana, if you want a quick link from my sidebar) and am finding them quite interesting--and not just from a literary standpoint.

Her remarks and quite good, but it's the comments that I find especially interesting, from the standpoint of a historian of women. I shall probably call them to the attention to some of my Women's Studies friends.

Tomorrow I have an early appointment (routine) with my orthopedist--at 8 AM. He definitely gets off to an early start, but I like not having the day totally broken up.

That means tomorrow will break the general routine.

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