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I had a bit of a hard time getting up in time for an easy drive to work, but I was off in the deep dark, with my windows scraped free of frost, a bit before 6 AM.

The air was brilliantly clear and the traffic light and acting intelligent.

It is so nice driving in as dawn breaks. I head generally west, so the sun is slowly rising and increasing the light on my left. The deep darkness when I left home didn't take long to show that the sun was getting ready to show its face. Little by little the light on my left and to the rear got brighter--from the ground up.

It was such a clear day I could see the lights of the Crescent City Connection bridge across the river. This was from about thirty miles. To my right, in the distance, I might have seen airport lights. However, since there is a small airport between Slidell and Louis Armstrong in Metairie, I might have been seeing that closer one.

All the drivers around me were driving intelligently--there wasn't anyone using the far left lane to stay 5 mph under the posted speed limit.

And by the time I was driving across the city (the interstate is elevated) it was getting to be almost time to turn off the headlights.

I think I had only one red light out of seven or eight, and it was too early for school zones to be in effect.

My car was parked directly in front of the building well before seven AM.

(And I managed to not set off the alarms or anything when I went inside.)

Today was a productive one, and I have essentially finished the current collection. I have to type up the inventory (which I'll e-mail to the archivist) and then find out the archivally correct tape to use to mend torn corners on a box. (We are definitely low on containers.)

I'll go in again next week.

I came home to two cats who informed me they were starving. Excuse me--but are you incapable of finding snack food outside? Or do you do that only when you can bring it inside with a triumphal prance, make sure I have seen it, then slowly consume it. Almost completely.

I guess tomorrow I'll have to do things around the house. No excuses left there.

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