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Cold Night Ahead
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I expect to have very cuddly cats tonight.

"They" (not the cats) are warning about a possible hard freeze on the North Shore (that's me) and to "protect pipes, pets, and plants."

Yesterday was frustrating when I (finally) got to the drive-up window at Walgreen's, only to be told my prescription wasn't ready.

Today was a repeat. I spoke "firmly" to the clerk, reminding her that the phone-in renewal had been okayed and should be there.

Eventually (15 minutes later), she reappeared, with the pills. I have a sneaking feeling that they might have been discounted--and that somehow that renewal got overlooked yesterday. This is Unhh! month at the pharmacy checkout, when I get hit by the deductible, but the price I was charged was a bit lower than I expected. If this (not the discounting but the wait) happens again I shall be firm about checking to see if it has been overlooked.

They are so busy there. Cold weather, and they now have an on-site clinic for little stuff. It's staffed by PAs and NPs 24/7.

Anyway, it was a more or less IUD around here.

How about that crash landing in the Hudson River!! The on-scene report was on the radio during my pill wait.

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