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Colder Night Ahead
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Lady (cat) may like being in the Great Outdoors, where she can hunt and explore, but when the weather is cool she becomes incredibly domestic and totally dependent on a human for sleeping warmth at night.

Said human has no problems with this. After all, Lady brought her breakfast in bed one time.

As long as the sun was out, the cats would go outside, but they are now settled in for the night.

And tonight is supposed to be colder than last night.

Give it another couple of days and the furnace can have a rest.

Next week will be interesting. MLK on Monday and the Inauguration on Tuesday. I shall probably watch this one--four years ago I boycotted it.

Today was, of course, an IUD. Some stuff around the house, letting the cats warm up by providing a lap for them, etc.

I even got the trash out. I expect the one that I don't pay will just automatically grab it tomorrow morning.

I've gotten into the habit of putting the trash up front when I have filled a barrel. It's easier than remembering "it's trash day" as I'm ready to pull out of the driveway. If the wrong service picks it up, so what.

My calimese is curled up (on the papasan) in a tight little ball, with the paw over the nose to keep it (the nose) warm.

Tomorrow morning is what has become my "usual" shopping day--and this involves getting to the store before 7:30.

All I can say now is brrrr!

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