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The Evil Cat
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I was semi-reclining on the couch, more or less watching TV. Lady jumped up for some petting.

I woke up about two hours later. Lady was sound asleep on me and not too happy that I was moving again.

Obviously, she hypnotized me or otherwise affected my brain.

This morning I got an early start and was home with the weekly WalMart collection a bit after 9 AM. Then I began getting no longer worn clothes together for someone to pick up later in the morning. This was a result of my recent Freecycle post.

As I stared at my closet, I realized that there were several skirts that could go, since I no longer wear them. I ended up with a bunch of stuff, just before my phone rang with a call from the person taking the clothes up to the fire victim.

We of course chatted a bit and I mentioned my need for yard help--and what I pay. She might know of some older kids who have a work ethic.

Somewhere along the way, before I was feline-hypnotized into a nap, I had planned to relax and read at PJ's.

Scratch those plans.

I wonder if we could work out a mini jazz funeral for this location. I'll bet the high school kids could scrape together a semblance of a band and we could second line around the parking lot. Next time I'm there I'll mention it.

Evil Cat has now settled at my left elbow. After my sinking spell I fed them, so this is her post-prandial nap.

Lots of humans sleep after a meal--why not cats?

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