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Slept fairly well, but then Lady used me for a bed/heating pad most of the night. I woke early enough to meander down the driveway (it's 150 feet long) and bring back the paper.

Went to church and met one of the quarter-time ministers. Our congregation has two quarter-time ministers. The other two UU congregations in the New Orleans area also have part time ministers. Katrina took its toll on a lot of churches, both in terms of damage and in reduction of congregations.

Stopped for gas on my way home and discovered that WalMart/Sam's now has a car wash. I'll have to check out the price and see how it compares to the nearby Shell, both in cost of carwash and cost of gasoline.

I decided to head for PJ's, but encountered a parade blocking the traffic. I'd forgotton about that. And probably every Sunday till Mardi Gras the situation will be the same.

Fortunately, I've lived here long enough to know all the back ways to get around parade routes, so I did just that.

I finally got to PJ's about when the last of the traffic was clearing out.

I tossed my jazz funeral idea at the person working the counter. I also mentioned it to my lawyer friend (who was there studying).

Along the way I learned that (supposedly) a sandwich shop will be taking the place over. We'll have to see if that rumor is true. There's a lot of repair work to be done--flooring, and now the AC doesn't work.

Tomorrow will be a work day for me. I got an e-mail from the archivist saying she had two more large collections for me. I hope people that use the archives are impressed by the high percentage of processed work that NCCROW has! I never dreamed that the response to my letter to Dear Abby would, in the long run, give me meaningful work post-Katrina!

And, because tomorrow will be a work day, I can't let myself get "into" any TV show past 10 PM this evening.

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