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I went in to work today.

I left a few minutes earlier than usual because of the potential fog advisories.

No fog--and I am not complaining at all. The drive in was at a reasonable speed with no idiots in my vicinity. As a result, I was parked in front of the library by 0645. Talk about an early start!

And then nobody else showed up in the library till almost noon, when a student worker appeared. Earlier in the morning I'd gone upstairs only to find that area almost devoid of people too.

It turned out that the librarian was out because her father had passed. I think the archivist was away. The interim director just wasn't in all that early, but I did see her later, as well as a couple of the upstairs student workers.

Definitely a slow day. But I almost finished another carton! And the material is absolutely fascinating. She was researching Acadian history and her narrative goes back to being ejected from Canada, then being in Haiti, and finally in the French part of North America--in other words, Louisiana.

Part of her work explores the onset and aftermath of a truly killer hurricane.

Of course I read most of the material--and I'll probably read more before I'm done.

My drive home was uneventful (that's the best kind) and when I got there I was greeted by my cats, who let me know that they were on the verge of starvation, and didn't I know that I was supposed to have been there earlier!

No, they're not spoiled. If they're that hungry they should go catch a mouse, or even a feeble bird.

Another day gone by, with nothing spectacular. But that's fine with me.

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