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It's dark out--but I have a female cardinal jumping around madly on top of the AC unit in my office window. There's a pane of glass above the AC, and she wants to get inside.

There's no way it can happen. She needs to settle down until the cat that I hear down on the ground goes away.

This is the window with a bird nest at the bottom of the AC unit--a nest that has been used at least two years, judging by the annual chirping noises.

I just turned on the AC but it did not scare her off.

I finished the book about the coffee shop this afternoon. It's Uncommon Grounds, by Sandra Balzo. I checked Amazon and she's written two others, but they are rather pricey for paperbacks, even on the used book page. This one was $5.99 at either Walgreen's or WalMart.

The raccoons should be coming by soon--I just tossed out the dog biscuits. I put a couple right by the door just to give them a bit of a hard time. They're not the least bit shy about coming onto the steps--as long as I'm not visible. And I think they've chased off their kids.

In the low 70s today, but I'm still closing the front door most of the time. The cats can get in and out and so far the critters and "gentleman callers" have not mastered the special door.

I hope that once the light is off the bird will give up. Obviously, their little brains just don't understand GLASS.

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