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Well, the female cardinal finally gave up. I think she gave up trying to get in (and not understanding the concept of "window glass") when I left the room and turned out the lights.

She is not there this evening.

I have two cats on top of Stuff at my left. They definitely like human company, even if all they're doing is sleeping. They probably consider me the leader of the pride.

It rained some this morning, but stayed dry in the afternoon. Nevertheless, I took an umbrella into PJ's with me. The general conversation in there related to other possible locations for reading/studying, etc. My lawyer friend was there, madly studying for the next bar exam. The woman who tutors was there, along with a couple of her tutorees. She plans to "set up shop" next door at Burger King. It doesn't sound like very many people will go all the way to the new location. And, since there will be a two week lag between the closing of the old and the opening of the new, new habits may be formed.

I go into work tomorrow, so I can't stay up excessively late this evening if I expect to feel refreshed and ready to get going when my alarm goes off at 4:56 tomorrow morning. At least I won't be tempted by high-quality TV to stay up too late.

It was on-again, off-again rainy today, but the forecast for tomorrow doesn't mention the R word. Or the F (for fog or freeze) word. The northern part of the country is another story weatherwise. At least hurricanes don't spring up overnight and surprise you.

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