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Early to Work, Early to Home
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I made sure I left early this morning after hearing about the four alarm fire on Canal Street very near the interstate (which is elevated there.)

Much to my relief, there was no cloud of smoke to get through and no traffic back-up at all. And I was in my favorite parking place by 6:45!

It was a productive day at work and I left a bit before 3 PM. I've got an inventory to type up and it's easier to do that at home. My "weekend" starts tomorrow.

And last week I somehow miscounted and I have only one can of wet cat food in the cupboard. Translation: tomorrow morning I'll make groceries. Early.

Current reading is a "cat who" book.

It doesn't really count as a book--as Lillian Jackson Braun gets older--the cat books more numerous--the books get shorter.

This one is in a slightly larger font, with wider spaces (probably 1 1/2) between the lines. And lots of white space around the text. There is blank page or two between the chapters, and the title of the upcoming chapter is on its own page. If I get bored I may do a rough word estimate.

But the plot is good, as always.

And I may try to finish it tonight.

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