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Most of today has been spent having "discussions" with my computer. I won't go into details, but suffice to say that every connection has been checked and dusted.

I fired up my laptop to be sure it wasn't my internet connection (it wasn't).

Because I could not persuade anything from the keyboard to "take" online--including my yahoo passwrod to get to my mail--I was ready to do this on the laptop.

BUT--after another round of dusting things off and waggling plugs to be sure they were firmly seated--I discovered that things are now working correctly.

And, because I don't trust this condition to continue, I figured I'd post the daily drivel while things were working.

Today had the potential to be an IUD, but attempting to trouble-shoot definitely kept me occupied.

This morning I actually got around to changing the porch light bulbs that have been out forever. I was a bit concerned about using the step-ladder but I needed to go up only one step. And--I gave the porch a good sweeping. Next thing I'll be washing windows or something else similarly foolish!

The furthest I have strayed from the house today has been the 150 ft. to the mail/paper boxes and back.

It's definitely a bit brisk outside, but the furnace hasn't cycled on in quite a while.

Needless to say, with nighttime temps in the 30 degree range I had a two-cat night last night. And I'll probably have one again tonight.

Tomorrow I'll go in to work again. The archivist found ANOTHER carton from the woman who spent a bunch of years unsuccessfully bringing suit against LSU for sexual discrimination. Along the way I'm learning about the ins and outs of lawsuits. I actually read several of the briefs and reports of related cases. (If I worked "on the clock" I probably wouldn't have that luxury.)

There's another parade in Slidell this coming Sunday. I must keep that in mind in case I want to go somewhere and take a circuitous route. Maybe I'll check out that coffee house that several people have commented on.

But now my little people with fangs and fur would REALLY appreciate it if I would give them some wet food (canned stuff).

Cross fingers that everything will continue to work with the computer et al.

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