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My girls have a new "gentleman caller." This one appears to be solid black except for a white dot mid chest. He's quite clever--not only has he figured out how to get onto the porch, he's also mastered Cat Door and came into the kitchen at feeding time this evening.

And I think he had the audacity to use the litter box that I cleaned the other day!

I'm assuming it's a he. I wonder where he actually lives. Next time I'm chatting with my neighbor I'll ask if she's seen him around.

Work day today, and the drives in and back were both delightfully uneventful. There was a slight slowdown on the high rise this afternoon, but that's normal.

Some prof at Tulane has her (I think) students doing a project involving the library. They are each to reconstuct a person's life based on their scrapbook.

So we now have a passel of students sitting at a table up front, in clear view of the student workers, carefully turning pages of scrapbooks--while wearing white cotton archival gloves.

That sounds to me like an excellent and imaginative assignment! I hope we get to read some of their work.

It's staying light later and later--and appearing earlier and earlier. Probably about ten more days and I won't need my headlights in the AM.

Got to get up early tomorrow and do the grocery shopping. If I don't get there early there won't be any electric carts left!

And now it's time to put out the assorted critter food--cat chow for feline visitors and possums, and dog biscuits for the raccoons--as well as the core of the apple I had at lunch.

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