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Saturday, and I woke up early enough to get to WalMart by just a bit after 7 AM. And, of course, that gave me a prime parking spot.

Shopping went well. That place is SO cold in the morning, especially aaround the food, where there are so many refrigerated areas.

But the "greeter" recognizes me and no longer bothers to check my receipt to verify I paid for the dog and cat food which is not in WalMart bags. Actually, the dog food is really raccoon food. Currently the dry cat food goes to my cats and the two tom (probably) cats that have named my place as the neighborhood snack bar. I don't know if Pogo still eats here--I haven't had the front door open in ages. At least one of the visiting cats has mastered the cat door and checked out the location of inside food. My girls suggested that he keep out of their house. The porch, apparently, is okay, but not the house itself. If I ever catch one of those boys, he'll be warning all the others off after he discovers his crown jewels missing.

(No, I won't do it myself--I'll pay a vet to do that and give him the usual vaccinations.)

After reading the paper and catching a short nap I headed to Arby's for lunch and reading. Current reading is a collection (edited by Gardner Dozier and Stanley Schmidt) of alternate history stories. I read one by Harry Turtledove and another by Mike Resnick at Arby's, then decided to check out the coffee house in the little shopping center, where I had a nice cup of coffee and read a third story.

The shop has tables, a really comfortable couch, a couple of soft chairs--including one which would bring on a nap in about three minutes. There was hardly anybody there. I'll have to see what the "traffic" is on a weekday afternoon. The biggest problem with this place is that it is not anywhere near places I usually go, and is at least five miles from home.

I finished off my "exciting" afternoon by stopping at Walgreen's on the way home to buy some wasp spray. There were several on the porch this afternoon and flea spray is not nearly as efficient as wasp spray. The wasps build their mud nests up where the roof meets the porch screens, and when they hatch (the wasps, not the screens) they are a distinct pain. Wasps and I do not get along--a couple of times I've ended up at the doctor for a wasp sting. Therefore, I like to have a can of wasp killer readily available.

Tomorrow is supposed to be a nice day and I have resolved (more or less) to do yard stuff in the afternoon.

We'll see how well I follow through on that one.

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