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With a day like today, I have a real challenge in finding SOMETHING that might be a little bit out of the ordinary.

When I'm not successful--well, look at the blog title.

I didn't quite get around to outdoor stuff today, but at least I'm completely caught up on routine financial stuff.

And I actually sent out some valentines! Usually I remember a minor holiday just in time to be too late to send cards. E-cards help sometimes, but it's nicer to have a real one.

So that I would not be a total hermit today I went to Arby's mid-afternoon for lupper. While there I read some more in the alternative futures collection. Today's took place in a timeline in which the Western Roman Empire had not not totally disintegrated, leaving the Eastern (Constantinople) having hegemony for almost 1000 years. And, if I remember correctly, it was by Harry Turtledove.

He has also written a marvelous "history" of Eastern Rome's later years under Justinian II. Interestingly enough, he (Turtledove) wrote it as Harry Turtletaub.

Last night I happened to look on the porch and there was a BIG possum snarfing down the cat chow. It didn't run off, so it may have been Pogo. I've noticed that the racoon visitors seem to have chased off the youngsters.

Spring should be very interesting.

I think this next weekend is the start of the "big" parades in New Orleans and Jefferson Parish. Slidell had both a street parade and a boat parade last weekend. There's a night parade yet to come, but it's usually on a Thursday and closer to Carnival.

I plan on going in to work tomorrow, so that means going to bed at a decent hour. (How boring.)

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