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Last Thursday morning I called the drugstore to renew my BP med. They said they would have to check with the doctor about something or other. The next day I called to see if it was ready, and I got the same response.

Today I decided that, since I would run out of pills on Monday, I'd better stop and talk to someone In Person.

I handed the pharmacist my bottle with two lonely pills in it and said I had a bit of a problem. She looked at the name of the drug on the bottle, and how few pills remained, then said she'd take care of it. It seems that the company that makes these has been having production problems, and I am, by no way, the only person with the problem. Did I mind having double the dosage pills broken in half? Of course not. So, I am now good for another month. I suspect that they are breaking a lot of pills in half.

The rest of today was basically IU. After I took care of the drug problem I headed to Arby's for lupper.

And started reading the demon novel I bought the other day. It's looking to be a good book, but will not be of too much help in contemporary urban demonology.

I don't feel I like accomplished much of anything today--it was raining off and on and rain calls for a nap.

I have to laugh at the use of language. Mardis Gras translates as Fat Tuesday. It's called that because that is when people (especially in times past) worked at eating up all the meat and meat products around the house, before the start of Lent--when meat and meat products were basically a no-no.

We now have Lundi Gras--the day before Fat Tuesday. Around here it is when the kings of Zulu and Rex are greeted as they come ashore from a Coast Guard cutter at the foot of Canal Street. (I may have the details wrong, but that's the general idea.)

This year, though, Jefferson Parish has instituted a big family celebration that began yesterday or the day before, and they are calling it Family Gras. Okay--if you don't know any French, that's logical. But to call a celebration Fat Family? Is that a commentary on the shape of the people in Jefferson Parish?

There's nothing more to say.

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