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. . . coming (more or less) to a close.

Made it to church again. This time the minister was from a sister church in Olympia, Washington. He'll be here next week too.

The music was marvelous. Two of YD's former classmates take care of that department and do a fantastic job. Today there were nine singers, with a pianist and a guitarist. It really rocked.

I stopped for a Wendy's salad on the way home, then mostly vegged out. The cats appreciated that, because it gave them a warm napsite.

The wild cherries are apparently ripe--as I turned into the driveway I startled a small flock of birds who were snacking on the bushes near the front. And I saw some outside the office window. Tomorrow is supposed to be decent (as in rain-free) and I really need to get at some of the weeding. I can see azalea blooms beginning to open up in some places. Must get the viney weeds (or is it weedy vines?) off them.

I read last night that possums have oppposable thumbs on their hind feet. Raccoons have five "fingers" on their front paws, but no opposable thumbs. And there is an Oppossum Society of America. (That's where I picked up that bit of trivia.)

Spot and Stripe (the current visiting cats) continue to hang around waiting to do the nasty with my virginal girls.

When we lived here in the 60s there was a solid black cat who would come over and call for my (virginal) black female and they'd go hunting together.

One morning I found him on the bed curled up by OD (who at that point was Only Daughter). He woke up when I automatically reached down to pet him. Then I went to the den and found my female cat. By then Boyfriend had left.

It must be going to rain (again)--it's a bit too dark for the hour.

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