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Another IUD
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I woke up at a decent (early) hour, and was out of the house and headed for WalMart about 8. That got me there in plenty of time to get an electric cart, and off I went on the "grand tour."

They don't have webbing lawn chairs in yet.

When I got to pet food I got involved in a conversation. (People shopping in pet food are very conversational.) We talked about our various critters and somehow got into Katrina talk and related topics. One problem with having your own well is that it frequently calls for a pump. Which needs electricity. He had had that problem. I told him about the deep artesian well the trailer park owner (back in the 60's) had had, and how, after Betsy, the neighbors with houses and shallow wells had all come to get water from the park. (We're now on a local "private" water system.)

What was interesting is that he took me for a local. I guess my speech has softened enough to get rid of my original Yankee.

Got back home, put groceries away, and then had a prolonged sinking spell. So much for yard work. It can wait till tomorrow.

So now I'm bright and chipper (relatively speaking). The cats have been fed and it is just now beginning to get dusky. And each morning it's noticeably lighter when I drive in to work.

As I said--an IUD.

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