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I think I mentioned that my next-door neighbor (to the west) put a gate in the fence to make visiting back and forth easier.

The other day I happened to notice a bunch of (supposedly) pressure-treated 4x4s that are used in other places to mark off "garden" edges. My thought was that they would make good delineators for the path.

So . . . I went to get the wheelbarrow to use for transport. The tire was incredibly flat.

Next step--turn on compressor. That was easy. Wait for air pressure to build up. Try to get the compressor hose fitting to mate properly with the tire valve. Eventually I was successful, and the tire was quickly nice and solid.

After turning off the compressor I brought the wheelbarrow up front to the "path" area. I trimmed back some overenthusiastic treelet branches with my new toy. Then I debated about the path to take. (Remember--my walking is not real steady.) I settled on a route, and went to get the first timber. One end was fine, but the part that has been on the ground for more than three years was--to put it mildly--rotten. All the timbers appear to be rotted on one end. Drat--or words to that effect.

Well, I plan on burning leaves etc. in the near future--the rotted timbers will be at the base of the pyre.

Other than that it was an IUD.

I finished the Patricia Briggs book When Demons Walk yesterday. It was quite good.

One cannot be without a book to read, so I started on a new Janet Evanovich. This one is another Stephanie Plum "between the numbers" novel titled Plum Spooky. It was a good read and I just finished it.

The only problem is that now I have to select a new book. I ran across one when I was de-cluttering a bookcase that sounds intriguing--The Time Traveler's Wife, but it's pretty thick and I'm not sure I want to read a long one just now.

Decisions, decisions, decisions.

When I went out about threeish this afternoon the roadsides were just about filled with people getting ready for this evening's parade. Slidell has only one night parade (other than the walking Krewe of Mona Lisa and Moon Pie). There was a bit about it on TV, with an interview with the krewe captain. It's a women's krewe, and has about 700 members!

The route was already lined with RVs etc., with "territory" staked out for several days. People were busy barbequing and otherwise getting ready. It's gotten so that it's hard to find room to catch a parade if you haven't "declared" a spot in advance. Oh well--if I want to catch a parade I'm sure I can get a seat in the Senior section. Not only am I in the age group, but I also have the handicapped card.

And it looks like the weather deities are being cooperative this year--both in the no-rain and the temperature departments.

Tomorrow I must NOT give in to reading to the detriment of yard work. Besides, with those rotted timbers as the base, when I've got all the leaves and branchlets ppiled on there it should be a nice bonfire.

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