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That's the best description for today. The only place I went was the 150 feet to my mail and paper boxes, and the same 150 feet back.

I got up fairly early, turned on the TV, and promptly fell back asleep. Lady had not finished her night's sleep, and as soon as I was back on the couch she had cuddled up to me--and induced sleep on my part.

It was a bit cool in the morning for yard work, so I puttered around the house inside and got a bit of tidying done.

I also got "hooked" by the NASA channel. Today's program was about adjusting your sleep times to meet your sleep needs. This was a program addressed to young people, using the the problems of sleep cycles of the astronauts to illustrate several conditions. It's good Saturday morning TV if you get that channel in your area.

And if you are interested in a description of a real autopsy you can find it here. A lot different from the "autopsies" they show on TV crime dramas. Both my daughters have seen the insides of human bodies.

(I think that would be extremely interesting, but then I like to know how things work.)

Judging by the weather radar, it's going to be touch and go on tonight's parades. Some people are camped out on the really wide neutral gounds on parade routes. They have portolets, tents, barbecues, chairs, etc. This is a custom. And I saw several portolets along the parade route in Slidell. I don't know whether the city put them there or individuals, but it sounds like it's the individuals who camp out in New Orleans.

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