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Ditto Yesterday
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Well, not totally. There was church in the morning. On my way home I picked up a salad at Wendy's, ate that, then dozed off. Since then I've been reading and tidying up, more or less.

I've fed the animals and put out critter food on the porch. I have yet to put out the raccoon food on the patio. If I don't get their dog biscuits out they will come up on the porch and eat the stuff for the possum. I spotted one a week or so ago, and it was scooping up a pawful of kibble and eating from its paw. They do not have opposable thumbs on their front paws. I don't know about the back ones.

And then there are the feline suitors . . . They too grab a bite when it's available on the porch. I don't know if they do the same next door, but I think my neighbor feeds Emma (the cat that adopted her) on her porch.

Between morning activities and thenap I managed to not do any yard work. I will definitely think seriously about remedying that tomorrow.

If it's not too cool.

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