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Yesterday evening was the Bacchus parade, and it was, of course, telecast. I think it took about three hours to pass the TV location.

The floats are huge and magnificent. Each float has at least 75 men on it. They (the floats) are quite tall and they are all (I think) animated in some way.

Not only are there floats, but bands and other marching groups. There was a band here from up north somewhere--Illinois, I think.

When I first lived here I was quite impressed by the newness and style of the band uniforms. Back in the Dark Ages when I was in the high school band the uniforms were anything but crisp and new.

And then YD was in her high school band one year. The bands get paid--big time--to cover the cost of transportation etc. And they are able to replace uniforms when they are worn out.

It's not just the bands, but the majorettes and the dance teams. Parents walk alongside the bands for safety.

At any rate, it was fun watching the parade from the comfort of my couch.

And tomorrow it will be non-stop coverage from early till the last of the truck floats have rolled, both in New Orleans and Jefferson Parish. Then there will be a break before coverage of the balls and the meetings of the Rex and Comus courts and kings.

One thing that will not be shown on TV is the French Quarter fashion show--it's a gay event, and some of the outfits can be pretty risque. I've heard that the outfits are extremely well done and show a lot of artistry and craftsmanship.

Oh--and Popeye's and similar places will be opening very early (7 AM at the latest) so parade-goers can stock up on food before heading to the parade areas.

Attendance is measured by tons of garbage.

No Dorothy, you're not in Kansas any more.

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