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Needy Cat
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The last time I saw Lady was Monday evening. She had supper, but wasn't around to use me as a pillow at night.

Haven't seen anything of her since then.

I put some signs up this morning, but I doubt that will do much of anything, unless some parent discovers that a kid has smuggled a cat into his/her room.

(This happened to us when we moved to Cheyenne. The motel owner was okay with the cat in the room. We let Sam out to do his thing, and didn't see him for several days. The owner opined that the cat had probably visited a nearby subdivision and been taken in by a kid. After about four or so days, Sam reappeared.)

At any rate, it's a bit lonely. And CC is VERY lonely. She wants LOTS of affection from me. She isn't even going outside very much, if at all.

Here she comes again--now she is settling down between the keyboard and the screen. As I said--she's needy. I think I'm her first human.

One thing about skipping a day of posting--YD phoned to see if I was okay!

Aside from a couple of large bruises from falling while gardening (clearing out weeds around the azaleas) yesterday I'm fine physically.

CC and I will soon be watching TV together, instead of her trying to push the keyboard into my lap.

Other than my concern about Lady, nothing much happening around here.

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