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This morning CC went hunting for Lady but apparently was unsuccessful. When she got back she wanted a lot of affection from me, which I was more than happy to give.

My neighbor called this morning to check on the Lady status and we gabbed for quite a while. Along the way I asked if she would take over whatever cats I had when I eventually die. She quickly assented. They already have eight or so, plus a couple of large dogs.

CC has settled (I hope) on the squishy soft shawl on the little cart next to the card table aka computer desk.

Oops! I petted her and she got up and walked between the monitor and the keyboard to get to the jiggly tray table on my other side.

I did my more-or-less weekly grocery shopping this afternoon. I thought I'd gone at the perfect time--about when kids would be getting out of school. That way the mothers would be home, and yet it would be too early for them to have picked up the darlings and then hit WalMart.

I figured that CC deserved "comfort food" so I bought a bunch of the WalMart version of Fancy Feast. She seemed quite pleased with the tuna/shrimp this evening.

It's the perfect size, so there's no problem of refrigerating half a can and then trying to persaude a cat to eat the cold stuff the next day.

(Although, come to think of it, if I put the whole can out I suspect the gentlemen callers would dispose of it with great joy.)

I didn't do any yard work today, but I plan to return to that tomorrow and, by Sunday, have a giant yard trash pile to burn. I also want to get some of the various bulbs I've bought in the ground.

My bruises from the fall yesterday (?) are doing fine and there's no muscle stiffness or soreness. I had sort of planned to push the walking distance today, but what with the food etc. run didn't get around to it.

Something more for tomorrow's to-do list.

Time now to put out the possum food and raccoon treats. And fill up the inside bowl of dry food. At least one of CC's boyfriends comes inside through the cat door and helps himself.

You know what the hobo sign for "kind-hearted woman" is? It's a cat.

I'm sure there's one of those somewhere at my place, and the cats and other critters can read hobo.

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