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Icky, and going to be Ickier
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Yep--it's cooling down and the skies are graying. Rain is a strong possibility this evening and/or tomorrow.

I took care of the end/beginning of month monetary stuff, then headed to the "Katrina refuge" PJ's. I spent a couple of hours there thoroughly enjoying a couple of stories from Ursula K. LeGuin's Buffalo Gals and Other Animal Stories. I just happened to spot it in the bookcase and realized it was among the unread in my house.

LeGuin is one of my favorite authors. Period. End of discussion. I've read most, if not all, the novels listed on the flyleaf--too many to list here.

On the way home from the coffee shop I swung into the West Branch of the post office to mail my morning's work and to buy some more stamps. Not only did I not spot a stamp machine, I also didn't spot a twin to the automated (accepts credit cards) machine. So, I went on to the main office and restocked my stamp supply. There was someone there getting his P.O. box mail, and I made some comment about loving that machine. He wasn't aware of it--just that the old stamp dispensers were no longer around. He thanked me for the tip.

CC continues to be very "needy" and wants to be close to me. I don't think she went out at all today.

I was tidying up a bit and ran across a bunch of plastic daffodils. I think I'll stick them out and see if my neighbors realize they are fake, or are impressed by my gardening skills.

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