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Green is the obvious color scheme for March. Not only is there St. Patrick's day, but my grass will probably be green by the middle of the month instead of brown, like it is now.

Of course, technically it probably isn't (lawn) grass, but some kind of low-growing weed that pretends to be grass as a survival strategy.

Church this morning, with one of the part time ministers. She's quite nice and very good. Sometimes her husband (who is also a minister) officiates.

It's gotten to be sort of routine that I save a seat for a friend who has further to travel. Today was not an exception, and afterwards we took our coffee out into the sun and gabbed for quite a while.

CC is staying very close to home--she's never been the adventurer that Lady was(?).

She has also noticed the dietary improvement, as I attempt to use stomach therapy by giving her the Fancy Feast knock-off. She wants to be near me when I'm in my office, which can be a bit of a pain as she goes from the little stand on my right across the table (between the keyboard and the monitor) to the rickety table on my left. I don't think she's going outside, and she really appreciates head scritching and other petting.

I didn't do much this afternoon when I got home. I hadn't read the paper, so that took a while. And--it was a bit nippy outside.

I did, however, plant the plastic daffodills in a little "fenced" enclosure that used to have a treelet or something that didn't make it. I wonder how long it will take my neighbor to realize that the flowers are plastic .

I don't plan on going in to work till Tuesday, so maybe tomorrow I can push the vacuum around (after plugging it in, of course.)

It looks like the weather will be relatively clear for at least the first part of the week. I need to get back to the deweeding of the azaleas in the front and work on some other areas also. I've got about a dozen glad bulbs (fresh this year) that need to get planted. I think I'll put them along the side of the route from the "neighbor gate" to the front of my house.

This is Women's History Month--read a book or two by female authors and/or a biography of a woman. I'll try to list some titles throughout the month.

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