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And Another Day has (almost) Gone By
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Another Incredibly Unremarkable Day.

My accomplishments are somewhat on the minor side--things like putting out the trash and doing a load of laundry.

And making sure that CC got lots of petting. (That's important at this point--for both of us.)

I'll be heading back to work tomorrow, and I'm really more than ready. It's been about two weeks since I was there. The archivist will be back and will know where there are more collections for me to work on. It's nice to have a job where you feel useful and appreciated.

But it will also be nice to get back into a routine of sorts.

I haven't had any comments on my daffodils, but then I haven't talked with my neighbor. Today was a bit cool for putting in any of the glad bulbs I bought a week or so ago. It will be interesting to see how they do, or whether my black thumb will strike again. It was also a bit cool for any other extended yard work.

Supper was at Arby's today, because I needed to put gas in my car. And there is a low-price station nearby. Now I'm set for the next week.

I don't think I'm going to have any trouble getting to sleep tonight, even though I've done very little today.

But that's what happens with an IUD.

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