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Almost Didn't Make It
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What an evening, computer-wise.

When I tried to go online at my "usual" time my main computer was being "difficult." The monitor basically would not stay on, but did all sorts of strange things. I was resigning myself to buying a new one tomorrow.

So, I fired up my laptop, and for a while I didn't seem to be having too much luck there either. Of course, the first thing it told me was to upgrade my Norton's--I'd missed a bunch of automatic updates.

I did manage to get to my mail--thanks to having a modem which connects to a wireless network. (Of course, since the modem has to be turned on it does call for some electricity, but let's not get technical.)

I thought I'd made a post, but I guess not. It doesn't show up in my index, at least not at the moment. Maybe what I was thinking might have been a post was an e-mail to someone.

Just for the heck of it, I thought I'd try my computer again--and this time it's doing just what it's supposed to.

That is a definite relief.

Maybe tomorrow will be more "normal" computerwise.

My drive into work this morning was nice and smooth. The eastbound side of the High Rise was backed up big time--there had been an oil spill on the roadway and only one lane was open. I lost count of the number of red, yellow, and blue lights flashing.

I can't say the same for the return home. Good thing I left a bit early, because once again the eastbound lanes of the High Rise were backed up. This time it was an overturned truck on the downside. Is there some sort of cosmic law that says accidents on major commuting routes must happen at peak commuter hours?

The faces in the vehicles trapped in the creep were mostly ones of resignation. Stuff happens, and getting hostile doesn't get you moving any faster.

So much for today--I think I prefer the Incredibly Unremarkable kind.

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