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I had mentally set today aside for yard work--or tidying inside. I got some of the latter done, but in the morning it was a bit cool for outdoor work, and a "sinking spell" after lunch pretty well wiped out the afternoon.

I went out a bit before 4, ate (and read) at Arby's, then came back home.

I stopped at Walgreen's for some appropriate containers for some of my many books which are gradually taking over the couch. Once containerized, it will be easier to find what I'm looking for. At least that's the theory.

As I was doing some tidying I ran across a review of a book that I figured I absolutely had to have. It's The Great Warming--Climate Change and the Rise and Fall of Civilizations, by Brian Fagan. I've read some of his other books and found them extremely interesting and thought-provoking.

So--I clicked on the Amazon bookmark and now have a copy on the way.

(I really like the way Amazon tells me that I've already bought a copy of a book when I go there to get the link for here.)

Today's Arby-read was the latest J. D. Robb book featuring Eve Dallas, who is married (?) to an absolute filthy rich hunk, with whom she has mind-boggling sex.

Arby's was completely out of turnovers when I got there, so they quickly cooked up a fresh batch and comped me a fresh-out-of-the-oven cherry turnover. Oh but that was yummy!

I think I shall spend the rest of this evening semi-watching TV while I continue with Eve Dallas's adventures.

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