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Having THREE books arrive in the mail!

There are two by Brian Fagan--who writes great science stuff--related to global warming, and one by Carole Meyers: Discovering Eve - Ancient Israelite Women in Context.

The Meyers book is related to my current "research" as to "Whatever Happened to the Goddess?"

The Fagan books are
The Long Summer - How Climate Changed Civilizations
and The Great Warming - Climate Change and the Rise and Fall of Civilizations.

I went to the PJ's I haunted post-Katrina and settled in for some reviewing of the books. I skimmed the books and they all look extremely promising. It will be good to bend the mind a bit, and not just feed it candy.

Not that there's anything wrong with mind candy, but not as a steady diet.

I also figured out how to lounge and read comfortably there. There are two sort-of-soft chairs, and I simply moved a regular chair over to give me a foot rest.

There are several little "notes" about the place which basically welcome the refugees from the now-closed E. Hall PJ's. One of these days I'll ask if that closure has had a noticeable impact on their business.

Oh--I also spotted a book shelf. Now I know where I can set my mind candy books free. Before I leave one I'll tell the person running the store what Bookcrossings is.

I guess I'll be waking up in the dark again tomorrow, and driving with my lights on. I just hope my body doesn't say "you must be kidding" when the alarm goes off!

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