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There I was, merrily typing away, and somehow I hit the combination of keys that cancelled all the deathless prose drivel I'd already written.

Excrement, excrement, excrement!!!

Now where was I?

Cleaned up around the couch and put some of the rubbery shelf liner between the cushions and the wood frame. I'm hoping that takes care of the cushion slippage that has been frustrating me.

Re-organized the various books in the vicinity of the couch. I should have my head examined if I buy any more mind candy for at least a month. I think I have two months worth of unread fiction.

In the afternoon I headed out for the Katrina PJ's and settled down to read more of the Brian Fagan book (I'll try to remember to look at the title tomorrow--or some time) about climate change and human societal development.

(Ye gads, but that sounds boring. Brian Fagin is NOT a boring author. I've read several other books by him and have a great deal of respect for him.)

It was a lovely relaxing afternoon, and on the way home I stopped at WalMart for some essentials such as raccoon food and Special Kitty "wet" food. (No, I'm not trying to spoil CC--but those cans are just the right size for one cat. If you have cats, you know they don't like the cold leftovers from the previous day's can.)

My next "project" for today is washing my hair. And I need to do that soon or it won't be mostly dry when I hit the hay.

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