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First Try!
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According to my "reminder" card, today I was eligible to give blood again.

I had lupper at Arby's (late lunch/early supper) and then as I was getting near the blood center I figured "oh what the heck" and turned in. It usually takes several tries before I get there at a satisfactory iron time.

But today the stars must have been aligned just so. My body is now busy making more blood for me.

One of the phlebotomists asked just when YD's book would be out--I guess I told her about it last time I was there, and she went and looked it up on the internet. (Just google "Mark of the Demon".)

I had not planned on staying home today, but it was a bit foggy, and just as I got to the other side of town (near the lake) I heard the report of an accident on the Interstate.

I was still in the "stores" section of the highway when the backups hit. It was people who normally take the interstate, coming to use the (one lane each way) Hwy 11 bridge. After about five minutes of this I figured it would take me probably two hours to get to work, so I turned around and headed back home. Why add to traffic problems when I don't have to.

Friday will be my second day for the week. I just hope it's not a massively foggy morning like today, but if it's still warm it no doubt will be.

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