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Work Tomorrow
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A very pleasant day overall--weather cool but sunny, humidity low. What more could one ask for?

Got a long-overdue job taken care of in the morning, and in the afternoon I headed for the alternative PJ's (and that's probably the last time I'll attempt to be specific--if I say PJ's it's the little one past WalMart) and settled in for some quiet reading. Book is Brian Fagan's The Long Summer - How Climate Changed Civilization and it continues to be extremely interesting. So interesting, in fact, that I'm sending a copy to a friend who will probably find it as interesting as I am.

For most of my time at PJ's I was the only customer that stayed. The two or three others that came by all got their stuff "to go."

Going in to work tomorrow for the second day of my "regular" work week. I've got a lot of work left on the current collection, even though it has been partially processed. This seems to consist of placement in archival folders, but there are a lot of staples and paperclips that have to be removed/changed.

Now to hope that a) there is no fog and b)there are no accidents and/or tie-ups on the Interstate. At least not till I have passed the affected area.

It will be good to be around people again.

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