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In fact I didn't even realize that it was Friday the Thirteenth. Didn't we just have one of those last month?

Anyway, it was a busy--but productive--day. I was a bit concerned about the weather, since I think it was sprinkling when I got up. However, it had either let up or gone somewhere else when I was ready to drive in.

It was a lovely uneventful drive. I parked on the left side of the (one-way) street because it's higher, and there was always the possibility of rain.

Lucky again--no rain.

I took the large reference book in to the library and by mid afternoon it was on the shelves. I have an entry in there and I had had bought the book when it came out. (It was not cheap.) But I noticed the other day that the Women's Center library had very little about African-American women. One two-volume reference edited by Darlene Clarke Hines was it. I asked the librarian if she wanted another. She was quite pleased to get it, because books like these are hard on library budgets.

After all, I wasn't using it at home.

Title: Notable Black American Women, edited by Jessie Carney Smith, of Fisk University.

(After just looking it up for the link, I can understand why it is so appreciated. I paid "only" $50 for my copy.)

So, today was otherwise ordinary and unremarkable. CC is staying very close to home and is extremely loving. I've got a weekend ahead of me and I am trying to get myselfd totally psyched up about yard work. I think I've gotten as far as semi-serious plans to plant the gladiolus bulbs. And of course keep at the weed cutback and maybe even have a lovely bonfire.

And it wasn't until I actually looked at my page-a-day calendar that I realized it's Friday the thirteenth.

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