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That's right--a really uneventful day.

I got some weeds pulled by the mailbox, and while I was doing that my next door neighbor came by to chat.

And the people across the street called out a couple of big hellos.

Two roughly parallel streets come together at the junction between me and my super neighbor. A third street goes off for a block at a right angle. So there's a rapidly narrowing bit of land between the two once-parallel streets. And that triangle, which I used to keep pretty well weeded etc., has not been tended very much at all since my hip. I have two small footbridges that give access across the ditch.

Little by little, I'm getting closer to trying to get that area looking less messy.

There is so much that needs doing. Rather than get one area completely tended, I do a bit here and a bit there. Eventually things will be back to a pre-Katrina status, more or less. The last time I went on a yard-tending binge, I had a kid from about a mile away who bicycled/roller-bladed/walked over and worked like mad. He went back to living with his mother across town, so there went my yard kid.

There aren't any kids in the neighborhood any more. Over the years they've all grown up.

At any rate--using my policy of pulling up weeds, rather than simply mowing them, once I have gotten an area more or less decent, it more or less stays that way with minimal maintenance.

The weather is supposed to be good tomorrow also, so I plan on getting some more done on the yard.

And this evening I'll no doubt pair reading the Brian Fagan book while watching TV.

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