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That translates as Reading, Cat Cuddling (and the initials of the Cuddled Cat are the same as her name), and Reading.

The first reading was at home, the second at PJ's. The first reading was finishing up the marvelous Robert Skinner novel The Righteous Cut. The author is librarian at Xavier, and I am acquainted with him.

His novels are "gritty" detective stories that take place in New Orleans in the late 30s and early 40s. This one ends with people listening to the radio on a Sunday afternoon, when there is a special bulletin. I remember that Sunday and the reaction of the adults around me to the news that the Japanese had bombed Pearl Harbor.

Aside from being a pretty good mystery, it is chock full of New Orleans back when it was NOT an integrated city. I find it sort of fun to mentally trace out the locations and routes taken by the various people.

After finishing that book, and doing some token tidying around the house, I headed for PJ's for more of the Brian Fagan book. If I ever teach first half world civ again I will be MUCH more informed about the role of climate in the development (and demise) of various civilizations. He gives me lots of new things to be factored in to "what happened, and how and why?"

Weather today is gorgeous--in the seventies with a gentle breeze. Tomorrow it looks like rain is a strong possibility. And as the week goes by, the chances of rain increase. But the temperatures should stay balmy--at least for a few days.

Tomorrow will be a work day and I'll get there at my usual crack of dawn hour for a prime parking spot so that if it IS raining when I leave I won't get totally soaked getting to my car.

This evening is some family bookkeeping and then mindless TV.

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