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The short version: got up, ate, got ready for work, went to work, then came home, fed the cat, fed me, and you're looking at what I'm doing after that.

There was an "interesting" moment at work, however. I was using the copier, and a picture that had been hanging on the wall leaped off and landed on the floor next to me. The glass shattered.

The librarian was somewhere else but the student worker hunted up a broom etc. to get the worst of it cleaned up.

What happened was that the picture holder on the wall came loose. No idea why, although maybe there was some vibration from the copier?

There was very little going on around the campus or in the library--it's spring break. This particular student worker lives in North Dakota, so short breaks are spent in New Orleans. Besides--she can earn some extra money that way.

Come to think of it--that wasn't the only "event" today. When I got there I heard a persistent buzzing from one of the fire alarm boxes. Once before the same thing had happened. I decided to ignore it--it can get complicated explaining why I have keys to the building but no Tulane ID. Besides, I didn't see a phone number to call near the box. And, as I said, it had happened before.

When the librarian got there she took care of calling someone. Now I have those numbers. In case it happens again I won't have to hear the buzzing but can call the right person myself.

Coming home this afternoon was also somewhat different.

I got to where I get off the interstate to use the old highway 11 (and bridge) to get across the lake. Traffic on the interstate was starting to bunch up, and then people on the interstate were backing up, driving over non-road, and then either heading for the old route or, in the case of big rigs (which aren't allowed on the old bridge), heading down the other way on Hwy 11 till it reaches the old US 90. By the time I got home I'd learned that the problem was a truck that had jackknifed on the interstate bridge, thus blocking it totally. I just barely avoided getting caught in a monster tangle.

It will be interesting to see the TV and newspaper reports of the "event."

Tomorrow I have a dentist appointment. He won't be there, but the hygienist will be, and if she spots something I'll have to go back. And after tomorrow's visit my teeth will be so clean you can eat off them.

Maybe tomorrow I'll get the daffodil bulbs planted.

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