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Slight Change of Plans
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The visit to the dentist's office went just fine. My teeth look fine and healthy, and I am caught up on all the doings of the hygienist's family and menagerie. As I checked out I got involved in a conversation with the dentist on the other side of the building. I had seen him once (years ago) and it was rather disconcerting, since he is sinister (left-handed.)

The conversation revolved around streets in the area and routes to and from New Orleans. He (and the others there) asked if yesterday's 18-wheeler jackknife had impacted me. I told them that the I-10 people were just starting to turn around as I passed.

That, of course, led to more chit-chat about local traffic snarl areas, and how we avoid them. And to Katrina impact. He's affected by the rebuilding of the Bayou Liberty bridge, which is a project that has been argued about for decades.

In the 60s it was a one-lane hand-operated drawspan. And it may have been when we returned, but for years it has been a sort of "temporary" two-lane drawbridge. Prior to its move to Bayou Liberty this bridge had been a temporary bridge across the Tchefuncte River at Madisonville while a new high bridge was constructed.

Well, Katina did a job on the poor old thing and now a permanent bridge is being built. There have been LOTS of arguments about how it should look, whether it should have a drawspan (which would allow ALL marine traffic) or not, etc. etc. and so forth. I have lost track of what is going on.

So, it was a pleasant conversation at the dentist's office.

I left there and headed for Arby's to dirty up my nice clean teeth with lunch. I won't say I'm a "regular" but when I walked in the door the manager called over an order for a pecan/chicken salad sandwich.

I had started reading Carrie Vaughn's latest(?)--Kitty Raises Hell. waiting at the dentist, and I continued it during a leisurely lunch. Kitty is a werewolf and leader of her pack. She is also a DJ on a late-night radio show.

I'm about a third of the way through it, but I doubt I'll finish it tonight--I don't like staying up too late when I plan to go in to work the next day.

Which is my tentative plan for tomorrow.

However, the forecast looks really ucky and I may postpone going in till Friday, when the forecast is only mildly ucky.

CC just discovered that she can get really close to a bird if she stands at the side window in this room. Next time I go outside I'll have to see if there's a nest or something there.

I had planned to do some yard work this afternoon, but after I had lunch I realized that I needed more critter food and headed to WalMart. When I got back from there I sort of fell asleep.

Oh well.

I think my evening will be Kitty raising hell and TV.

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