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Weater Forecast: More of the same
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And that is not particularly good. This morning it was raining quite heavily--I don't know why I even bothered to get up to look at the weather radar--if it was storming here in Slidell it was for sure storming in New Orleansa.

Well--looking at the radar I could see just how far west the storms extended. It was very far, so I went back to sleep.

It had cleared up for the most part by lunch, so I headed for PJ's for some geek reading and relaxation. It turned out that the barista took swimming lessons from me. (Glad I tipped nicely.)

And I may have a name for possible carpentry work.

Watching the news for this evening left me with the distinct impression that I'm not going in to work tomorrow either. Tornados all over the place today and probably tomorrow. And it's affecting a large part of the country, as well as floods.

Who says there's no such thing as global warming?

On the way back from my reading afternoon I stopped at the branch post office on my way home. (The main office is in the middle of Slidell.) They have no stamp machines or anything similar like the main branch. They also don't have long lines. There was only one person ahead of me so I got the book mailed off to a friend very quickly.

One more quick errand (which included a nice brush for CC) and then back home for supper and watching the news.

I think I'll read more of the current Kitty book while I watch TV this evening.

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