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Late Afternoon
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After doing a bunch of stupid stuff around the house and having a bit of lunch, I headed out to PJ's to continue with the geek reading.

First, however, I had to finish off the latest "Kitty" (she's the werewolf) book. Once done with that I started on a book I recently got about the development of early Mesopotamia.

I'd just gotten started on that when I looked outside and saw that it was raining. Figured it was high time to head home. I left just in time, because as I left the parking lot the rain increased in intensity.

I parked my car so there was maybe three feet between the car door and the patio cover.

CC greeted me with a lot of conversation, most of which probably translated as "hurry up and feed me, human!" She rubbed against me, which I took as her way of being p9olite and saying "please."

The weather radar doesn't look too encouraging (unless you are a plant wanting water) and I do hope there's not a repeat of last night.

I'm really glad I didn't go in to work--driving home would have been a nightmare.

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